Enjoy Fresh Food in the Top Restaurants in Burbank

Top Restaurants in Burbank

Eating out can be a very hit and miss affair unless you take the time to research where you are eating before you go. Unless you know where you are going and what to expect, you could end up eating anywhere. The key to making sure that you enjoy a great menu with plenty of fresh food is to come to visit us, one of the Top Restaurants in Burbank, and try our freshly prepared menu including burgers, salsas and dressings.

Top Restaurants in Burbank

Freshly Caught Meals

Want to enjoy the best fish around? You don’t want to have something out of a can, or something has been frozen and has been stuck in a large fishing vessel for the last week-and-a-half. Instead, you want locally sourced fish which has been caught using a traditional pole and line methods in order to ensure that it is wild, adult and as fresh as you can get it without catching it yourself. We offer albacore tuna from MSC certified fishers in our local area. Which is why we are known for our delicious house menu!

Local Fruit and Veg

You want to be able to ensure that your food is as fresh as possible, and that includes fruit and vegetables which form a part of that dish. We offer you a wide range of different options, including locally grown veg and organic products which are all used in our kitchen to make your food as fresh as possible. We try to ensure that all of our food is sustainable, organic and farm fresh, and we oppose the use of chemicals, preservatives and GM crops in our prepared meals.

Top Restaurants in Burbank

Finding Great Local Food

Now that you know how we stand, you know that you can find some of the best quality food around at our restaurant. You want to eat well when you go out, and you can do this by dining at the Wild Carvery, one of the Top restaurants in Burbank. Dine with us on fresh food that has the best taste, made in our own kitchens to our own high standards. You can’t get better cooking than this, and if you want to try our delicious food for yourself, then you need to visit our website, come to the restaurant itself at East Olive Avenue in the heart of Burbank, or call us on 818-859-7233, in order to make an appointment to come dine in style.

Wild Carvery Is Named A Healthy Restaurant in Burbank

If you are busy, eating healthy can be incredibly difficult to do. Most people after work do not want to cook and simply desire a nice, healthy meal put in front of them. Unfortunately, there is a shortage of restaurants that are invested in the health and wellbeing of their customers to provide high-quality, health conscious food for this customers. At Wild Carvery, we are to provide our customers with fresh ingredients served in healthy dishes that are nothing short of delicious. Read on to learn more why Wild Carvery is the healthy restaurant in Burbank.

Quality Ingredients

At Wild Carvery, we are a restaurant that believes that great food starts with high-quality, fresh, organic ingredients. In fact, we actively work towards a providing home kitchen feel to all our food while supporting organic, sustainable, farm fresh ingredients. We are completely against the use of GMO’s, rBST preservatives, or any chemicals. At Wild Carvery we only purchase locally-grown produce from trusted organic partners such as Cascadian Farms, Horizon Organic, Organic Valley, TJ’s, UNFI and more. In addition, our albacore tuna is locally sourced, MSC certified and pole and line caught. Not to mention we are one of the few restaurants where everything on our menu is made from scratch, even the salad dressing. There are many reasons to trust the quality of ingredients that Wild Carvery provides for their valued customers.

Healthy Restaurant in Burbank

Great Atmosphere

At Wild Carvery we know that having a great place to eat while eating an amazing meal is the pinnacle of any restaurant experience. We redefine the fast casual dining experience by providing a relaxing background to finish your meal that boasts two outside patios with four fire towers for ambiance and heating. In addition, we also have an upscale dining room and a comfortable deli seating area for whatever mood you feel like eating your fabulous meal in. Wild Carvery knows how to create the perfect atmosphere for you to enjoy our incredible meals. Simple, come hungry, and you are guaranteed to have an amazing culinary experience that will be good for your body and your soul.

Healthy Restaurant in Burbank

Trust Wild Carvery, the healthy restaurant in Burbank to feed you  the best meals in Burbank. Call us today to learn more about our delicious menu, our amazing happy hour deals, or our central location in the heart of Burbank at 818-848-4722.