Spice Up Your Day With The Best Chipotle Sandwich

You look at the clock on your computer, your smartphone or up at the wall and see it is creeping towards lunchtime. For most of us, lunchtime means a nice break from work or our routine to help break up the day. Unfortunately, you find yourself looking forward to lunch less and less all the time because you keep eating the same old thing. That tired salad or ham and cheese sandwich you eat each day keeps you in the same old rut, adds no flavor or pizzazz to your lunch, and makes you long for something different. The time is right for you to start spicing up lunch again and head over to us at the Wild Carvery for the best chipotle sandwich.

Come Back to Flavor

Lunch will never seem exciting to you if you do not have something that entertains your taste buds. Sure, that salad may be good for you, but if it is the same old lettuce, cucumber, and best chipotle chicken sandwhichtomato with the usual store-bought dressing, your mouth has nothing to get happy about it. You end up trudging through lunch with no enthusiasm, and you do not even remember eating it was so forgettable. You need to bring back flavor and freshness to lunch time that makes your taste buds dance with joy and happy again.

The Sandwich for You

Here at the Wild Carvery, we have created a unique chicken chipotle sandwich that you must taste to believe. Our combination of our all-natural, grilled chicken breast, served with nitrate-free bacon, tomatoes, onions, pickles, garlic aioli, pickles, jalapenos, and our very special house made chipotle sauce, all served up on a fresh, toasted ciabatta roll, probably has you drooling already and you have not even tasted it yet! We take great pride in crafting this sandwich for our customers, and you will enjoy and savor every bite.

You Know What You Need to Do

We think you know what the next step for you to take is. It is lunchtime, and you need to act, so check us out at the Wild Carvery and give the best chipotle sandwich a try. We have made ordering easy for you and you can go right to our website at wildcarvery.com to place your lunch order now, so it will be ready for you to pick up when you get here. Place your order now and get back to enjoying and looking forward to lunch again.