Finding Great Healthy Restaurants in Burbank

Most people are always searching for new and delicious restaurants to get food, but much too often end up at fast food places or chain restaurants that offer the same meals in different packaging. Many of these restaurants offer meals filled with salt and sugar that may not be the best thing for your health. What you should be searching for are restaurants that provides you with high-quality, organic ingredients that taste great! You can find many of the healthy restaurants in Burbank, you just need to know where to look.

Do Some Investigating

You are going to have to do some investigative work on your own in order to find the most fitting restaurant that you are looking for. For one, you can begin by asking your friends, neighbors, and co-workers if they have any recommendations of places to eat, that have tasty organic foods that are well-prepared. Additionally, you can search the internet for restaurants in Burbank to find a search of your own. Although the results might show a long list of places, our best recommendation is to read the reviews and find out what others are saying.

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A Great Place to Try

What separates us from others is that we are one-of-a-kind, organic restaurant located in the heart of Downtown Burbank Village. We not only provide the perfect atmosphere, weather sitting in our patio area, dining room, or deli area,  but we also deliver take-out for your convenience. We offer a wide range of great food, with everything from burgers and sandwiches, to salads, appetizers, desserts and much more that will satisfy your cravings. Make sure for next time when searching for restaurants in Burbank, visit and search for, Wild Carvery.

The Restaurant for You

With all the restaurants in Burbank to select from, we at Wild Carvery  can offer you the ambiance, quality and convenience you want the most. To find out more about us, please take the time to read through our website. You can learn about us, our location and look at our menu so that you can see why Wild Carvery is a must try restaurant in Burbank CA.


How Quality Foods Make Our Delicious House Menu

Delicious House Menu Burbank

When you go out to eat, you expect a restaurant that delivers you the best food possible. Whether you are eating a burger, or want to enjoy a fantastic fresh salad, should expect the food to be of the highest quality, made to a fine standard. You can experience all of this by sampling our delicious house menu, including sandwiches, burgers, appetizers and a range of salads to suit your taste buds.

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Try Our High Quality Salads

What do you want from a salad? If you want something exciting and original, try our blue crab salad, with nitrate free bacon, blue cheese avocado, blue crab and delicious lemon vinaigrette. You might try our beet salad, with feta cheese, apples, walnuts, steamed beats and a sesame dressing. If you want to take a date to the restaurant, then you might order the lobster salad, which features half a pound of lobster, croutons, blue cheese and bacon along with a host of green vegetables or you might suggest the wild pole caught albacore tuna with a host of lettuce and cucumber.

Try Our Grass Fed Burgers

In order to make sure that our burgers are of the highest quality, we make sure that our beef is raised without growth hormones or antibiotics, and is a grass fed breed. This gives it additional flavor, as well as ensuring that you get a natural burger without any of the toxins or chemicals associated with standard US beef. In order to ensure that all of the burglaries held up to the same high standards, we also make sure to use nitrate free bacon and organic vegetables as an accompaniment. Not a burger fan? That’s ok,  grab a sandwich Burbank style!

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Get the Best Food Right Now

If you want to make sure that you are getting the best food right now, then you can try our options for ordering online. We allow pick up between 10 AM and 9 PM, and our delivery hours are 9 AM to 8:45 PM, and you can order from our delicious house menu Burbank within these hours. You can visit our website in order to try our delicious food, or you could call us on 818-859-7233. If you want to come to see us and view our eating options, then you can come to us at East Olive Avenue located in the heart of Burbank, and sample our menu in our fantastic restaurant location.