Super-dry, naturally sparkling cider. 12oz; 6.9%ABV Put some color in your glass, and make a toast to SoCal. This is a truly regional cider, unique to the southwest. We crafted this cider with indigenous California cactus pears, which can be seen growing wild along the 101 highway! Complementing the rich fruity character is a spicy herbal blast, the result of an infusion of hundreds of pounds of fresh picked local Thai basil. Brilliant crimson appearance, and beautiful aromatics. This is cider for the cocktail lover, complex and thirst quenching.

Lightly sparkling, bittersweet English cider.11.2oz; 4.5%ABV Exceptional Rocquette Cider is made from 100% organic apples grown local-ly in the maritime island climate of Guernsey, in the Channel Islands between France and England. Traditional cider has been produced here since the 16th century, and Rocquette XC is modern craft cider that sticks to its roots. Made with bittersweet cider apples, grown locally on the island and gathered from wild trees by the islands inhabitants. This cider is dry and with mouth puckering tannin, yet it is bursting with bright fruit. This is refreshing session cider at its best.

Super-dry, naturally sparkling cider. 12oz; 6.9%ABV Like a tropical Pacific Ocean breeze, this is pure refreshment. This cider is naturally infused with hundreds of pounds of fresh pineapples, cut by hand here in our cider house. We then add a hefty dose of locally sourced mint, hand-picked fresh just min┬Čutes down the 101. Imagine a pineapple Mojito blended with the salinity of a Gose beer, or a saltyTxakolina wine from the Basque country.