Get a Mouthwatering Southwest Chicken Sandwich for Lunch Today

Are you tired of your on-going lunch routine? There are only so many salads, fast food burgers, or leftovers that you can eat before going crazy finding something new. Believe it or not, we all need a break from our lunch-time routine, especially when searching for a new delicious location. We at Wild Carvery understand this struggle, that is why we have the perfect lunch menu items for you. Head on over to our Burbank location and order our delicious mouthwatering southwest chicken sandwich that will have you asking for more!

A Little about Us

Our lovely Burbank restaurant is located in the heart of Downtown Burbank CA. We offer organic and natural ingredients into all our meals, which is what separates us from many other Burbank restaurants in the area. Most of everything served at our location is made from scratch, using local farmer markets produce, such as locally- grown fruits, vegetables, seafood, and more. At Wild Carvery you will get the benefit of the freshest food while knowing you are supporting those in the community. So if you have not already had the opportunity to dine with us, we look forward to serve you.

Mouthwatering Southwest Chicken SandwichNow about That Sandwich…

Let’s not forget about our Southwest Chicken Sandwich that we have available in our delicious house menu, and let us tell you what makes ours so great. Our chicken sandwich, like all of our sandwiches, is made using our best organic ingredients. You will get an all-natural chicken breast that is grilled to perfection and served with nitrate-free bacon, fresh arugula, roasted bell peppers, sliced tomatoes, jalapeno peppers, and pepper jack cheese, all served on a fresh toasted ciabatta roll. Within one bite, you’ll taste why our Southwest Chicken Sandwich is highly requested, especially during lunchtime.


Check Out Our Menu

At Wild Carvery, we not only offer our mouthwatering Southwest Chicken Sandwich, but we also have many other items to choose from. You can look at all the great items in our delicious house menu online or at our restaurant. You can even order online for your convenience so that your order is ready when you arrive. Give your routine a break, and come experience the perfect lunchtime location with organic ingredients, at Wild Carvery. Visit our restaurant in Burbank, or give us a call at (818) 859-7233.