The Best Happy Hour and Restaurants in Burbank for Food & Drinks

The Best Happy Hour in Burbank

Have a great drink at an incredible with our meals that are filled with our organic and locally produced ingredients. A major part of having an incredible dining experience is good conversation followed by an excellent drink. With our all day happy hour specials, our customers are able to sit back, relax and truly take in the scenic atmosphere of our restaurant with a great drink and tasty food at their fingertips. At Wild Carvery, the top restaurant in Burbank, we are dedicated to creating the ultimate dining experience for our customers, which is why our all day happy hour menu exists to complement all of our meals.

Affordable Happy Hour

There are many all-day happy hours that take advantage of existing every day, all day with prices that are not similar to normal happy hours prices at other restaurants. However, at Wild Carvery, we pride ourselves in presenting our customers with incredible prices on drinks that can compete with other restaurants who only hold happy hour specials at a certain time during a weekday. In fact, we offer drinks for as low as four dollars and bottles of wine for as low as eighteen dollars! At Wild Carvery, we understand the value of our customers which is why we make it our mission to provide great drinks and delicious house menu to set us apart from our competitors.

The Best Happy Hour in Burbank


Every drink has the perfect meal that it is destined to be paired with. At Wild Carvery, we provide a vast array of drinks for our customers at a very low cost. In fact, we carry: red wine, white wine, sparkling wine, premium wines, champagne, ciders, premium beers, and more. We consider it imperative for our customers to be able to be more than satisfied with our drink selection. At Wild Carvery we believe that choosing an affordable drink should be just as easy as picking out a quality meal with wholesome ingredients.

If you are interested in experiencing the best happy hour, restaurants in Burbank and meals created with fresh ingredients and organic produce, Wild Carvery is the restaurant for you. If you have any questions about our happy hour menu, simply call us at 818-859-7233. Be sure to come down and discover just how wonderful our all day happy hour can be!