Our Sauce for BLT Sandwich Will Make You Smile at Wild Carvery Restaurant

You know that just the smell of bacon is enough to get your taste buds salivating. You sniff the air, wondering where the smell is coming from when you recognize it and want to seek it out right away. Okay, so bacon is not always the healthiest choice for you, but there are good options for bacon that are healthier and taste great. When you combine that bacon with fresh lettuce, tomato and have just the right bread, you have a sandwich that is worth writing home about, remembering, and wanting all the time. You can get a BLT anywhere; you want a BLT that stands out from the rest. Here at Wild Carvery restaurant, our sauce for our BLT sandwich helps bring the sandwich to the next level and will make you smile with delight.

A Better BLT

You can go into nearly any restaurant, café or diner and order a BLT. The problem is that no matter how many times you have a BLT and how much you love bacon, too many times there is nothing about the sandwich that stands out. The bacon is overcooked or tastes too fatty or greasy, the lettuce is wilted and has seen better days, and the tomatoes are lifeless, colorless and flavorless. A sandwich like this is certainly not one you will go back for again and again. That is why you need to try us and have a better BLT.

What Makes Ours SpecialCarvery Restaurant

Everything about the BLT we offer at Wild Carvery restaurant makes it better than the rest. We take pride in using the best, freshest ingredients for everything we make. We locally source many of our ingredients, so you get fresh each time and use healthier, organic ingredients that taste better and are better for you. Even our sauce for our BLT sandwich is a natural mayo that adds a layer of flavor that you will appreciate time and again.

Are You Ready?

If you are ready for a sandwich with nitrate free bacon, fresh, local lettuce and tomatoes, served on fresh sourdough with our sauce for our BLT sandwich shining through, then come to us at Wild Carvery restaurant for the BLT you will never forget. You can order yours right now for pick up now or when you need it when you go to our website at wildcarvery.com. Give our BLT a try and see what a classic sandwich should taste like every time.

Spice Up Your Day With The Best Chipotle Sandwich

You look at the clock on your computer, your smartphone or up at the wall and see it is creeping towards lunchtime. For most of us, lunchtime means a nice break from work or our routine to help break up the day. Unfortunately, you find yourself looking forward to lunch less and less all the time because you keep eating the same old thing. That tired salad or ham and cheese sandwich you eat each day keeps you in the same old rut, adds no flavor or pizzazz to your lunch, and makes you long for something different. The time is right for you to start spicing up lunch again and head over to us at the Wild Carvery for the best chipotle sandwich.

Come Back to Flavor

Lunch will never seem exciting to you if you do not have something that entertains your taste buds. Sure, that salad may be good for you, but if it is the same old lettuce, cucumber, and best chipotle chicken sandwhichtomato with the usual store-bought dressing, your mouth has nothing to get happy about it. You end up trudging through lunch with no enthusiasm, and you do not even remember eating it was so forgettable. You need to bring back flavor and freshness to lunch time that makes your taste buds dance with joy and happy again.

The Sandwich for You

Here at the Wild Carvery, we have created a unique chicken chipotle sandwich that you must taste to believe. Our combination of our all-natural, grilled chicken breast, served with nitrate-free bacon, tomatoes, onions, pickles, garlic aioli, pickles, jalapenos, and our very special house made chipotle sauce, all served up on a fresh, toasted ciabatta roll, probably has you drooling already and you have not even tasted it yet! We take great pride in crafting this sandwich for our customers, and you will enjoy and savor every bite.

You Know What You Need to Do

We think you know what the next step for you to take is. It is lunchtime, and you need to act, so check us out at the Wild Carvery and give the best chipotle sandwich a try. We have made ordering easy for you and you can go right to our website at wildcarvery.com to place your lunch order now, so it will be ready for you to pick up when you get here. Place your order now and get back to enjoying and looking forward to lunch again.

It’s Lunchtime! Get The Best Sandwich Burbank Has To Offer

Your stomach knows what time it is before you even look up from your computer desk. You can hear the slow, quiet grumble starting to build up in your stomach as it tells you it has not had anything since you ate that banana for breakfast. If you stay at your desk any longer, your stomach might begin to make louder noises. You turn off your computer screen, grab your car keys and head out the door, but still wondering where to go for lunch. Instead of seeking out an unsatisfying meal at some fast food place, why not give your stomach a treat and visit Wild Carvery, the best sandwich Burbank has to offer!

Healthier, Tastier Options

Too many of us don’t think of lunch as an important meal and instead try to get something easy and fast to eat so we can get back to work. The problem with that is that too many of the fast food options you find today are going to provide you with nothing but high levels of ingredients your body does not want or need. Soon after eating your stomach will start feeling uneasy or you will still be hungry and end up eating things your body does not need. However, when you come to Wild Carvery, you will see healthier and tastier options available that you will enjoy and appreciate.

Best Sandwich Burbank

The Sandwiches You Want

At Wild Carvery, you can get the best sandwich Burbank has that you will truly enjoy. We use nothing but the best ingredients, and all our sandwiches are freshly made-to-order, so you know it is made just for you. We have a great selection, including a blue crab sandwich with fresh blue crab, a Caprese salad sandwich with fresh mozzarella and tomatoes and our famous chicken club sandwich using all-natural chicken, applewood bacon, and seasoned mayo.

It is Time for a Good Lunch

It is time to give your stomach something to be happy about at lunchtime. Come see us at Wild Carvery for the best sandwich Burbank offers during your next lunch break. You can look at our menu, read all about us and even place your order online. Give us a call at (818) 859-7233. Your stomach will thank you for your eating healthier and tastier food options.


Get a Mouthwatering Southwest Chicken Sandwich for Lunch Today

Are you tired of your on-going lunch routine? There are only so many salads, fast food burgers, or leftovers that you can eat before going crazy finding something new. Believe it or not, we all need a break from our lunch-time routine, especially when searching for a new delicious location. We at Wild Carvery understand this struggle, that is why we have the perfect lunch menu items for you. Head on over to our Burbank location and order our delicious mouthwatering southwest chicken sandwich that will have you asking for more!

A Little about Us

Our lovely Burbank restaurant is located in the heart of Downtown Burbank CA. We offer organic and natural ingredients into all our meals, which is what separates us from many other Burbank restaurants in the area. Most of everything served at our location is made from scratch, using local farmer markets produce, such as locally- grown fruits, vegetables, seafood, and more. At Wild Carvery you will get the benefit of the freshest food while knowing you are supporting those in the community. So if you have not already had the opportunity to dine with us, we look forward to serve you.

Mouthwatering Southwest Chicken SandwichNow about That Sandwich…

Let’s not forget about our Southwest Chicken Sandwich that we have available in our delicious house menu, and let us tell you what makes ours so great. Our chicken sandwich, like all of our sandwiches, is made using our best organic ingredients. You will get an all-natural chicken breast that is grilled to perfection and served with nitrate-free bacon, fresh arugula, roasted bell peppers, sliced tomatoes, jalapeno peppers, and pepper jack cheese, all served on a fresh toasted ciabatta roll. Within one bite, you’ll taste why our Southwest Chicken Sandwich is highly requested, especially during lunchtime.


Check Out Our Menu

At Wild Carvery, we not only offer our mouthwatering Southwest Chicken Sandwich, but we also have many other items to choose from. You can look at all the great items in our delicious house menu online or at our restaurant. You can even order online for your convenience so that your order is ready when you arrive. Give your routine a break, and come experience the perfect lunchtime location with organic ingredients, at Wild Carvery. Visit our restaurant in Burbank, or give us a call at (818) 859-7233.