How Quality Foods Make Our Delicious House Menu

Delicious House Menu Burbank

When you go out to eat, you expect a restaurant that delivers you the best food possible. Whether you are eating a burger, or want to enjoy a fantastic fresh salad, should expect the food to be of the highest quality, made to a fine standard. You can experience all of this by sampling our delicious house menu, including sandwiches, burgers, appetizers and a range of salads to suit your taste buds.

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Try Our High Quality Salads

What do you want from a salad? If you want something exciting and original, try our blue crab salad, with nitrate free bacon, blue cheese avocado, blue crab and delicious lemon vinaigrette. You might try our beet salad, with feta cheese, apples, walnuts, steamed beats and a sesame dressing. If you want to take a date to the restaurant, then you might order the lobster salad, which features half a pound of lobster, croutons, blue cheese and bacon along with a host of green vegetables or you might suggest the wild pole caught albacore tuna with a host of lettuce and cucumber.

Try Our Grass Fed Burgers

In order to make sure that our burgers are of the highest quality, we make sure that our beef is raised without growth hormones or antibiotics, and is a grass fed breed. This gives it additional flavor, as well as ensuring that you get a natural burger without any of the toxins or chemicals associated with standard US beef. In order to ensure that all of the burglaries held up to the same high standards, we also make sure to use nitrate free bacon and organic vegetables as an accompaniment. Not a burger fan? That’s ok,  grab a sandwich Burbank style!

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Get the Best Food Right Now

If you want to make sure that you are getting the best food right now, then you can try our options for ordering online. We allow pick up between 10 AM and 9 PM, and our delivery hours are 9 AM to 8:45 PM, and you can order from our delicious house menu Burbank within these hours. You can visit our website in order to try our delicious food, or you could call us on 818-859-7233. If you want to come to see us and view our eating options, then you can come to us at East Olive Avenue located in the heart of Burbank, and sample our menu in our fantastic restaurant location.

Enjoy Fresh Food in the Top Restaurants in Burbank

Top Restaurants in Burbank

Eating out can be a very hit and miss affair unless you take the time to research where you are eating before you go. Unless you know where you are going and what to expect, you could end up eating anywhere. The key to making sure that you enjoy a great menu with plenty of fresh food is to come to visit us, one of the Top Restaurants in Burbank, and try our freshly prepared menu including burgers, salsas and dressings.

Top Restaurants in Burbank

Freshly Caught Meals

Want to enjoy the best fish around? You don’t want to have something out of a can, or something has been frozen and has been stuck in a large fishing vessel for the last week-and-a-half. Instead, you want locally sourced fish which has been caught using a traditional pole and line methods in order to ensure that it is wild, adult and as fresh as you can get it without catching it yourself. We offer albacore tuna from MSC certified fishers in our local area. Which is why we are known for our delicious house menu!

Local Fruit and Veg

You want to be able to ensure that your food is as fresh as possible, and that includes fruit and vegetables which form a part of that dish. We offer you a wide range of different options, including locally grown veg and organic products which are all used in our kitchen to make your food as fresh as possible. We try to ensure that all of our food is sustainable, organic and farm fresh, and we oppose the use of chemicals, preservatives and GM crops in our prepared meals.

Top Restaurants in Burbank

Finding Great Local Food

Now that you know how we stand, you know that you can find some of the best quality food around at our restaurant. You want to eat well when you go out, and you can do this by dining at the Wild Carvery, one of the Top restaurants in Burbank. Dine with us on fresh food that has the best taste, made in our own kitchens to our own high standards. You can’t get better cooking than this, and if you want to try our delicious food for yourself, then you need to visit our website, come to the restaurant itself at East Olive Avenue in the heart of Burbank, or call us on 818-859-7233, in order to make an appointment to come dine in style.

The Best Happy Hour and Restaurants in Burbank for Food & Drinks

The Best Happy Hour in Burbank

Have a great drink at an incredible with our meals that are filled with our organic and locally produced ingredients. A major part of having an incredible dining experience is good conversation followed by an excellent drink. With our all day happy hour specials, our customers are able to sit back, relax and truly take in the scenic atmosphere of our restaurant with a great drink and tasty food at their fingertips. At Wild Carvery, the top restaurant in Burbank, we are dedicated to creating the ultimate dining experience for our customers, which is why our all day happy hour menu exists to complement all of our meals.

Affordable Happy Hour

There are many all-day happy hours that take advantage of existing every day, all day with prices that are not similar to normal happy hours prices at other restaurants. However, at Wild Carvery, we pride ourselves in presenting our customers with incredible prices on drinks that can compete with other restaurants who only hold happy hour specials at a certain time during a weekday. In fact, we offer drinks for as low as four dollars and bottles of wine for as low as eighteen dollars! At Wild Carvery, we understand the value of our customers which is why we make it our mission to provide great drinks and delicious house menu to set us apart from our competitors.

The Best Happy Hour in Burbank


Every drink has the perfect meal that it is destined to be paired with. At Wild Carvery, we provide a vast array of drinks for our customers at a very low cost. In fact, we carry: red wine, white wine, sparkling wine, premium wines, champagne, ciders, premium beers, and more. We consider it imperative for our customers to be able to be more than satisfied with our drink selection. At Wild Carvery we believe that choosing an affordable drink should be just as easy as picking out a quality meal with wholesome ingredients.

If you are interested in experiencing the best happy hour, restaurants in Burbank and meals created with fresh ingredients and organic produce, Wild Carvery is the restaurant for you. If you have any questions about our happy hour menu, simply call us at 818-859-7233. Be sure to come down and discover just how wonderful our all day happy hour can be!

A Restaurant With a Delicious House Menu

A restaurant with a truly amazing menu is difficult to find in this day and age. A majority of restaurants are either, unhealthy fast food establishments, or sit down chains with food just as unhealthy. Finding actual high-quality, healthy meals at affordable prices can be as rare as a unicorn. Fortunately, at Wild Carvery we provide a fast, casual dining experience that will permanently change that way you view eating at a restaurant. Not many restaurants are dedicated ensuring their customers are putting the best possible ingredients into their bodies. Read on to learn more about our delicious house menu and why we are the best at what we do.

Our Delicious House Menu

At Wild Carvery we have a huge menu filled with a variety of delicious, organic, meals that will be kind to your taste buds, waistline, and wallet. We carry a large variety of made-from-scratch sandwiches, burgers, appetizers, desserts, beverages, shakes, and smoothies. All of our food is made from farm fresh, organic ingredients that have been locally sourced from trusted organic partners such as Cascadian Farms, Horizon Organic, Organic Valley, TJ’s, UNFI and more. In addition, we are completely against the use of GMO’s, rBST preservatives, or any chemicals and refuse to use them in creating the perfect meals for our value customers. Trust Wild Carvery for a delicious, healthy meal that will not contain any harmful ingredients most restaurants put in their food.

Delicious House Menu

Happy Hour

No high-quality restaurant is complete without a great happy hour with amazing deals. At Wild Carvery our happy hour lasts all day and carries a wide variety of drinks that will go well with our delicious house menu. We boast a wide selection of drinks that include red wine, white wine, sparkling wine, premium wines, champagne, ciders, premium beers, and more. At Wild Carvery, we understand the importance of a great drink and meal when trying to unwind for the day. We will ensure that you receive affordable drinks and food that will work together to create the perfect culinary experience.

Wild Carvery

Trust Wild Carvery to feed you the best healthy meals available in Burbank and an all-day happy hour that is nothing to shrug at. Call us today to learn more about our delicious menu, our amazing happy hour deals, or our central location in the heart of Burbank at 818-848-4722.